Welcome to Gritty Faith Apparel.

We’re a faith-based clothing brand that believes in creating motivational apparel that inspires and projects positivity. Every design tells a story and motivates you to not only be your best self but also to reconnect with your faith. In today’s secular world, where most people are quick to identify the negative in every situation, our brand is infused with positive energy and inspires the boldness, strength and poise that you need to be your authentic self. Put on the modern Armour of God when you don your Gritty Faith Apparel and face whatever comes your way with confidence and joy. 


Gritty Faith Apparel is more than just a trend-setting clothing brand — it's a community of people who share their stories and struggles with each other on our inclusive Facebook page. With inspirational stories, member recognition and weekly Live affirmations, the Gritty Faith online community helps the modern faithful to fit in with their flock through the miracle of social media. Instead of just scrolling mindlessly through your daily feed, you can now utilize social media to connect with other Christians online and strengthen your faith in the real world. We welcome all perfectly imperfect believers and children of God with open arms and no judgement.